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Rolls Royce Cullinan

Worldwide car release film


Release film for the new Rolls Royce 2018 Cullinan, the first Rolls Royce SUV to market. Mixing live action with photoreal 3d and heavy background and sky replacements this job was a huge VFX challenge.


VFX Breakdown:

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Agency - Daughter

Client - Rolls Royce

Director - Emile Rafael

VFX Director - David Horsburgh

Production Company - Agile Films

Executive Producer - Myles Payne

Producer - Andy Eaton

Director of Photography - Patrick Meller

1st AD - Didier Mallet & Bailey Marks

Editor - Chris Roebuck

3d - Jeroen Hooghoudt, Chris Wood, Simon Fiedler, David Horsburgh

Compositors - Ashwin Kumar, Ashley Mohabir, Emre Samioglu, Josh Parks, David Horsburgh