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A series of films for Wacom’s products


For the past two years I’ve been producing a range of films for many of Wacom’s major product releases.

From films to show off the capabilities of their new intelligent digital notebook and engaging new young artists to engage with 3d sculpting and digital artworking. I also produced a series of Product launch films for their latest world-wide releases of the Wacom MobileStudio Pro and Cintiq Pro in photoreal 3d.


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Client - Wacom

Director - David Horsburgh

Production Company - Agile Films

Executive Producer - Myles Payne

Producer - Rebecca Little

Director of Photography - Pete Emery & Sverre Sordal

1st AD - Bailey Marks

3d/VFX - Grant Henderson, Josh Everitt, Freddie Hottinger, Claire Pineager, Teresa Gasco, Jae Ho Hwang, David Horsburgh